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All values given are for clean dry threads. Grease, whether it contains copper or not,
SERIOUSLY affects the holding properties of screwed fasteners. In some cases, light oiling is recommended.

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Audi ur-quattro I5 turbo engine Torque Values
ABS wheel sensor [2]107
Air mass sensor plenum107
Alternator adjustment locking nut3526
Alternator adjustment - new belt86
Alternator adjustment - old belt43
Alternator pivot bolt3526
Alternator strap pivot bolt [15]2015
Anti-roll bar link rod [2]2015
Anti-roll bar to subframe [2]3526
Ball joint clamp bolt [2]6548
Ball joint to wishbone [2]7553
Bearing to strut5037
Big ends5037
Brake carrier to front hub to 1986[17]11585
Brake carrier to front hub from 1986[17]12592
Brake carrier to rear hub6548
Brake caliper to guide pins [2]3526
Brake caliper to carrier (Porsche Monobloc)9063
Brake lines1511
Brake pressure accumulator (WR) [18]4533
Brake servo to master cylinder [2]3022
Brake servo to motor carrier2015
Cam bearing caps (10V) [1], [5]2015
Cam bearing caps (20V) [1], [5]1511
Cam belt cover [10]107
Cam cover [10]107
Cambelt backing plate to block2015
Camshaft gear (10V)8059
Camshaft gear (20V)6749
Clutch master cylinder2015
Clutch pressure plate [16]2518
Cold start valve107
Cylinder head bolts [1], [2]40,60, 180°29, 44, 180°
Differential fill & drain plugs2518
Differential flange (inner) [9], [2]10, 90°7, 90°
Downpipe to flange2518
Downpipe to gearbox3022
Downpipe to turbo [10]3526
Earth strap to motor carrier2015
Engine mounting to body4029
Engine to gearbox - M83022
Engine to gearbox - M104533
Engine to gearbox - M126044
Exhaust joints2518
Exhaust manifold to head (10V) [10], [14]3526
Exhaust manifold to head (20V) [10], [14]2518
Flywheel bolts, locking [2]10074
Flywheel bolts, non-locking7555
Flywheel cover2518
Fuel pump check valve2015
Fuel filter banjo bolt107
Fuel filter flare nut107
Fuel pump check valve cap2014
Fuel pump mounting bush75
Fuel pump terminals107
Fuel reservoir (all)107
Gearbox carrier to mount4533
Gearbox fill & drain plugs2518
Halfshaft to gearbox (M8)4533
Halfshaft to gearbox (M10)8059
Halfshaft to hub [2], [7]280207
Harmonic damper (pulley)450 [4]332 [4]
Harmonic damper (pulley) using 2079350 [4]258 [4]
Harmonic damper Allen screws (10V)2015
Harmonic damper Allen screws (20V)2216
Hydraulic pump - hose from reservoir4030
Hydraulic pump - hose to brake accumulator2518
Hydraulic pump - hose to steering rack3525
Tandem hydraulic pump - piston cap5037
Idler roller [3]107
Inlet manifold to head (10V) [11]2518
Inlet manifold to head (20V)2216
Intercooler to body - 6mm107
Intercooler to body - 8mm2015
Knock sensor2015
Lower flywheel cover2518
Lower cambelt cover107
Main bearings6548
Multi-way coolant junction to block107
Oil cooler to body3022
Oil cooler line adapters to filter bracket[19]5036
Oil cooler lines to filter bracket adapters[19]3526
Oil drain plug4029
Oil drain line to turbo (10V)2518
Oil drain line to turbo (20V)107
Oil feed to turbo at filter bracket107
Oil feed line to turbo (M8)[10]2518
Oil feed line to turbo (M6)[10]107
Oil filter bracket to block7052
Oil filter2015
Oil lines to oil cooler (10V)3526
Oil iines to oil cooler (20V)4028
Oil pick-up pipe107
Oil pressure relief & temperature sender4533
Oil pressure sender2518
Oil pressure sender adapter5036
Oil pump retaining bolts107
Oil spray jets (bores)107
Pedal frame [2]2518
Propshaft carrier to body2015
Propshaft to gearbox5540
Propshaft to differential5540
Rear crank oil seal housing107
Shock absorber retaining cap [13]180132
Spark plugs (MB)2015
Spark Plugs (WR, WX, GV, RR)3022
Starter to engine6044
Steering rack to body3526
Steering wheel [12]4029
Strut bearing and upper spring seat slotted nut[2]6044
Strut to body6044
Subframe to body (10V) [2], [8]35 + 90°26 + 90°
Subframe to body (20V) [2], [8]65 + 90°48 + 90°
Sump boltsM6 - 10
M8 - 22
M6 - 7
M8 - 16
System Pressure Regulator
(side of metering head on WR etc.)
Track rod carrier to rack4029
Track rod end to strut (front)5037
Track rod end to strut (rear)6044
Track rod end to subframe (rear) [7]6044
Turbo to manifold6044
Turbo water to multi-way1511
Upper cam cover retainers107
Warm-up regulator to block [11]2015
Wastegate diaphragm nut2015
Wastegate to downpipe2518
Wastegate to manifold [10]2518
Water pump (10V)2015
Water pump (20V)2216
Wheel bolts [16]11081
Wishbone to subframe [7]6044
AP Racing Big Brakes Torque Values
Mounting Bell to Disc14 
Banjo bolt25 
Brake pad retainer14 
Upper bleed screws17 


  1. Cylinder head bolts should be lightly oiled and the excess wiped off. The holes in the block should be free of oil - danger of hydraulic lock. Check by spinning a bolt fully home into each hole by hand before mating the head to the block. The bolts should be tightened crosswise from the inside out in three stages - 40Nm, 60Nm, and 180° with a breaker bar or similar - no air tools or similar. Two 90° turns is permissible.

    rear of engine
    Front of engine

  2. Always replace with new fastener(s).
  3. The idler roller is a simple interference fit in the oil pump and is not held in by the bolt through its centre, which merely uses the roller as an oversize washer when securing the fuel pump to the block. The roller must not be pulled home using this bolt. The boss of the idler roller is threaded for a removal tool (Audi 3034).
  4. The value given here for the harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley) bolt is the true value at the bolt. Other values apply if Audi's #2079 service tool is used. Alternative techniques have been documented by Audi - the 10/93 Technical Service Bulletin for the ABY and AAN engines specifies 150Nm + 180°. The crankshaft should be locked with Audi's #2084 service tool - this can be bought from any dealership. Under no circumstances should the transmission (gears/brake) be used to hold the crank stationary. Note that an air wrench is unlikely to give satisfactory results no matter what its nominal rating.
  5. Beware; caps are asymmetric and will crack at low torque if fitted the wrong way round. Orientation of the cast lettering on top of the cap is no guide. On 20V engines, fit and tighten caps 1, 3 and 5, then caps 6, 8 and 10 before fitting and tightening other caps.
  6. Insert bolt from rear of vehicle.
  7. The full weight of the vehicle must be on the wheels.
  8. The tightening sequence is: rear left, rear right, front left, front right for the front subframe - front right, front left, rear right, rear left for the rear subframe.
  9. A single long Allen bolt that retains the differential driving flange in the actual differential cage. This is a stretch bolt that should be replaced. Some documentation specifies 15Nm/11 lb ft - the threads and shank are long enough to support this.
  10. Studs are not torqued in separately - they should be a firm finger-tight. Torqueing them separately can lead to failure just below the surface.
  11. These Allen screws have a tendency to stick because of galvanic corrosion. A small smear of copper grease is justified on the heads - the threads should be dry. Note that some screws - especially the front one - foul other components and have to be inserted loosely into the manifold before it is offered up to the head.
  12. Ensure the indicator stalk is centred when refitting the wheel.
  13. Different values may be specified by after-market shock absorber manufacturers - e.g. Koni adjustables at 120Nm, 90 lb ft.
  14. Tightening order is from the middle outwards - first #3 upper and lower, then #2/#4, then #1/#5.
  15. This bolt seals an oilway and must always be correctly retightened after any alternator work
  16. Tighten in stages cross-wise
  17. Replace with new self-locking bolts. Old bolts may have 17mm heads, new ones 19mm.
  18. Use conventional fabric oil filter strap wrench
  19. Ensure the lines do not block the nuts holding the oil cooler bracket to the car. On a WR or KG, also ensure the small oil filter remains accessible.

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